A collaborative script, written to assist with building material networks. Originally meant to be used as a bridge between Substance programs and Arnold. It has since been adapted for use with Redshift and primarily used to link textures within RSmaterial VOPs in Houdini. 
Shader Who? for Maya is capable of reading a directory of shading images named respectively(This is a constantly updating list with the development of PBR materials). This list is then populated in the GUI for review by the artist. There is also the option to manually select individual files, with the option to include UDIM tiling. Please see below for the source code.
Special thanks to Gianmarco Parente for his persistent collaboration throughout this project.
Note: With the release of Maya 2020 and the addition of the Substance plugin, some of the functionality of this script is now native within Maya. Still this script can be useful for generating some custom non-substance based materials. 
(Left) Redshift shader connection example within Maya. (Right) UI example written with Maya's built-in Python UI tools.
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