Growing up I was always told to sit still and stop moving. I would sit with one leg hanging off of any chair ready to dash away. This state of perpetual motion would translate into a fascination of capturing movement with video and interpreting it through animation. With an art practice that centers around the use of both digital and physical tools, I have become increasingly interested in the dichotomous pirouette of man and machine and how they relate between the second and third dimensions. 
I am a multi-faceted digital artist with expertise in motion graphics and 3D animation. With a degree in graphic design I approach all aspects of my work with its principles in mind. Since studying for a master’s in Computer Arts at the School of Visual Arts, my work combines 2D and 3D graphic elements with the fourth dimension of time. Merging this with interactive experiences, I have developed a multi-disciplinary process to bring my work out of the machine and into the physical world.
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