A place for experimentation. I enjoy studying/practicing new techniques. Currently revolving around Houdini/Redshift and a bit of Unreal blueprinting in the works. Occasionally those experiments will wind up here.
More time with vellum inside of Houdini. 
No... Dynamic pressure constraints with Vellum. 
One of my favorite oscillators emulates formants of vowel sounds. Written on a modular synth, animated in Houdini, rendered in Redshift  
When Redshift has had enough

Horror synthesis in UE 5  with landscape and 3rd person controller. Audio clip provided by Jamey McDaniel (@5minmodular)

 An installation that was the precursor for my final MFA project. Crafted out of wood, animations were done in C4d and Houdini, and projection-mapped in TouchDesigner. The controller was built with TouchOSC.
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